Welcome to a
New World of Kombucha

Bottles or cans. Eleven amazing flavors. We brew Kombucha Wonder Drink in ways that both honor and advance ancient traditions – and that make the sparkling fermented tea available to anyone who may desire to experience its wonder. Kombucha Wonder Drink is the kombucha for all those who aspire to live more.

Photo credit: Leo Gung 2014


These sparkling and flavorful fermented teas feature fresh-brewed organic teas infused with organic fruit concentrates. After fermentation, we use a proprietary process to lightly pasteurize Kombucha Wonder Drink to include benefits of kombucha, while eliminating all but a trace of alcohol and unwanted bacteria. Pasteurized Kombucha Wonder Drink includes naturally occurring acids that are known to promote health and boost vitality by cleansing, detoxifying and energizing.