Discover Kombucha

While no one really knows for sure, it is believed kombucha was first brewed in the ancient Himalayas, where it was revered for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. From there, the sparkling fermented tea spread over centuries, first through China and the rest of Asia, and then through parts of Europe, passed down from generation to generation as the secret to health and vitality.

Kombucha Uncovered

It was in Russia where our founder, Steve Lee, co-founder of both Stash Tea and Tazo Tea, discovered kombucha for himself in the 1990s. Already a life-long student of tea, he was at once intrigued and enlightened, and he returned home to the United States determined to share the wonder of kombucha with as many people as possible.

The United States of Kombucha

Today, at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we apply the lessons learned over centuries to brew our own unique Kombucha Wonder Drink. We humbly offer Kombucha Wonder Drink as a way to both honor and advance the ancient tradition of kombucha.

Discover Kombucha
Wonder Drink

Kombucha Wonder Drink is the beverage of choice for all those who aspire to live more inspired lives. We invite you to experience all the wonder it offers.

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