IBS Sufferer Finds Relief with Kombucha Wonder Drink

We were gratified this week to receive notice of this blog’s review of our delicious beverages, and to know that it is part of a holistic healthy strategy.  What is every bit as satisfying is that the writer, Danielle, found our kombucha to be so delicious – it is not necessary to hold your nose and glug it down for the health benefits!  It can actually be a beverage that you savor and enjoy.  To quote Danielle: “Kombucha Wonder Drink produces the best kombucha that has ever touched my taste buds and EVERYONE on this planet needs to try it out for themselves.”   Read her whole review here:


Thank you, Danielle, for taking the time to write about KWD.  Here’s to your good health!


A WONDER-ful Cocktail Contest

We are super excited to announce to our Oregon local restaurant and bartending community that we have launched a Kombucha Cocktail Contest.  The complex tangy flavors of our kombucha are fantastic paired with bitters, fruit, herbs, and of course many types of spirits.  As kombucha has taken off as a popular and healthy fermented tea, it is also quickly finding fans with bartenders, who find our kombucha a surprisingly great mixer.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with!  A healthy cocktail — who knew?!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Who?  All Portland metro area bartenders are invited to participate.  Winner will be selected by a panel from the Oregon Bartenders Guild.
  • What?  Create a signature cocktail using one of five of our 8.4 oz. Wonder Drink kombucha flavors:  Asian Pear & Ginger, Green Tea & Lemon, Traditional, Cherry Cassis, and Niagara Grape.   It can be an updated twist on an old classic, or something brand spankin’ new.
  • How?  Post your entry (one or more!) to Instagram.  Include cocktail’s name and recipe, and photo of your creation.  Don’t forget to tag it: #kombuchawonderdrink.
  • When?  Enter as many delectable cocktail ideas as you’d like, now through midnight PST, August 31st.
  • Why?  For so many reasons!  First of all, because contests are fun!  Also for the fun of creating something awesomely delicious with Kombucha Wonder Drink. Oh, and the always-useful GRAND PRIZE, a $250 VISA gift card!

Here’s our colorful flyer:   CocktailContest_Final – summer 2015

May the best Kombucha Cocktail prevail!